Working it

The webcomic for Astronoir is coming along on schedule.  I haven’t been posting as much art this week as I have been working on getting the pages assembled.

In an ideal world, I would already have the comic complete.  The reality is that with a full time job, family and life in general, things are hardly ideal.

It’s funny how time seems to fly once I get rolling on the pages.  I have to make myself go lay down so that I get enough sleep for work the next day.
I work as a software developer, so coming in with a fuzzy brain from staying up all night is a no-no.

I never used to think much about how impatient the digital age has made society today.
The urge to get it done NOW NOW NOW is one that I battle every day.
Luckily I have a very good project manager for a wife who keeps me on track and pulls me in when I get off track.
It’s so very easy to just let the mind run wild and think of all the cool plot points and story elements you want.
Keeping the story lean and tight is my biggest driver right now.

I want people to be able to describe what the comic is about in one simple sentence.  I am a firm believer that the story is everything.
All the fancy art in the world won’t help tell a crappy story, you know?

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